5 Classic Pieces for Every Woman’s Closet

Whether you’re a complete clothes-horse, a weekend fashionista, or just enjoy partaking in fashion trends, there are a few core pieces which should be in your closet. The following five pieces form the backbone of a complete wardrobe and offer countless options both on their own and when combined with one another. So have a look through your closet this upcoming season and see if you need to update your worn and dated basics.

Black Dress The “little black dress” or “LBD” has long been a staple in stylish women’s closets. Having a well-cut simple black dress means you are ready for any occasion, because this item can be dressed up or down as necessary. A brightly colored scarf and casual shoes make it a perfect outfit for a casual lunch date, or you can add jewelry and a well-cut jacket for office meetings or evenings out.

White Blouse A white blouse in a tuxedo style or with a tail and a collar is a must in your wardrobe. It can be paired with a neck tie for a menswear look, or worn open over a graphic T-shirt when a more casual look is desired.

Jeans It doesn’t matter if they’re skinny jeans, wide leg, boot-cut or flares, so long as they’re made of quality, dark-dye denim and fit you well. Use your body shape to determine what style to purchase rather than going just with current trends. Fads come and go, but your body shape is what you’ve got to work with forever, so be sure to dress it well; it’s more flattering, and in the long run, the most cost efficient.

Trench coat A quality trench coat in a neutral color like black or neutral beige will last practically forever and never go out of style. Try to find one with a removable liner so it can be worn all year round, regardless of weather. Belted coats are best and can be kept current by wearing either open or tightly belted as styles dictate, and it’s not difficult to change the cloth belt to a black patent leather one to add an element of shine if desired.

Ballet flats Women of all heights and shapes can wear ballet flats to their advantage. They match well with almost any pant length and go well with tights and dresses, or jeans. Try to find a pair in quality leather, and remember that you can never have enough! Simple black flats will match anything in your closet, but brightly colored or pastel flats add a stylish element to outfits by adding a pop of color at your feet. These shoes are comfortable and wear well, and will soon become a favorite part of your footwear collection.

These core pieces are integral to any well-rounded wardrobe. Do some comparison shopping, and select the items with a discerning eye. Pay the most you can afford for these classic pieces, and shop on sale in order to get higher quality for lesser cost. The money spent on well-made items will not be wasted because they will withstand frequent washing and wearing, and the investment will pay off in the long run.

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