10 Super Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf

A scarf is a piece of cloth, which mainly covers the head and protects against unfriendly weather. However, today it serves as a fashion accessory that completes women’s outfits. Women wear it around the neck and over dresses, whether formal, casual, or party-wear.

This accessory is undoubtedly one of the simplest yet stylish. One of the easiest and most effective ways of enhancing your style and look is wearing a cool scarf. While some often overlook this accessory, it can add some color and layer of texture to whichever outfit.

If you’re wondering how to change your look, check out these super stylish ways of tying this accessory.


Different Scarf Uses


  • As a Head wrap


Whether you have long or short hair, a scarf makes an excellent head wrap, especially during bad hair days.


  • As a headband


If you’re not fond of head wraps, try making a headband out of this accessory. Scarves are easy on your scalp, hair, and hairdo.


  • As a belt


You can easily wear a scarf as a belt. Scarf belts give you plenty of options, allowing you to tie the scarf in whichever way.


Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf


  • French Knot


Tying your scarf in this manner gives you a stylish look, especially if it’s silk. Regardless of whether you’re wearing an embellished blazer or stylish top, this style looks great with whichever outfit.


  • Shoulder Wrap


This is a graceful way to tie your scarf. This style ensures that you cover your shoulders completely.


  • Circle scarf


This style is quite fashionable, particularly if you wear a solid color and your accessory is a contrasting hue. You simply wrap the scarf around your neck like a multi-layered necklace. In addition to keeping you warm, this style gives you a classy look. You could include a brooch to enhance the elegant look.


  • Shrug Wrap


This is another interesting way to wear your scarf. With this style, the front area covers the chest, giving you a great look. You could wear a brooch or short necklace for a trendy look.


  • Muffler


This is a great option especially during winter. This style is suitable if you’re wearing a loose blazer or long skirt. However, broad-shouldered women should avoid this style.


  • Wrap-and-tie


You could opt for this look if you have a simple yet stunning look.  You simply wrap the scarf around the neck once and tie the sides in the center of your chest, allowing the free ends to dangle.


  • Neck Wrap


This style is perfect for girls who seek a boyish look. If you’re wearing a jacket and top during winter, this style will make you look cool.


  • Four-in-hand Choker


With this style, you simply wrap your scarf around the neck twice and tuck the ends around the neck rather than let them hang loose.


  • Knotted Necklace


You can produce this style in a minute, giving you a stylish look. The style is appropriate for any informal event.


  • Slip Knot


Though simple, this style is stylish. It is particularly suitable for professionals who don’t wear heavy jewelry.


In conclusion, scarves symbolize accessories, which you can wear during any season, merging it with any form of clothing.  Of course, you must choose the material carefully in order to achieve the desired effect.


Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

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