Top 7 Things Girls Who Wear All Black Know to Be True

In New York you are more likely to spot a number of people wearing black. It doesn’t matter the occasion, they only wear this color. What’s the secret behind black color? Well, black is a perfect color that blends in every situation. Most women especially in New York wear all black which is a representation...
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3 Key Pieces For Summer Days At Work

Following a dress code is difficult during humid summer days. What can you wear to work without being extremely uncomfortable? There are some lifesaving pieces you need to have in your wardrobe to get you through. Here are 3 key pieces for summer days at work.  

The Kimono

A play on the traditional cardigan, this lightweight, open...
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5 Fashion Secrets All Curvy Women Should Know

If you’re a proud curvy woman who loves clothes, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 5 fashion secrets all curvy women should know.

Emphasize your smallest point

Put your hand on your side with attitude and figure out where the smallest part is. Then make it known! Simply add a belt around your waist and...
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10 Super Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf

A scarf is a piece of cloth, which mainly covers the head and protects against unfriendly weather. However, today it serves as a fashion accessory that completes women's outfits. Women wear it around the neck and over dresses, whether formal, casual, or party-wear. This...
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What is Color Blocking and How to Use It

While the color block trend is hardly new, it appears to be emerging in innovative new ways. Color blocking is simply a technique that involves wearing numerous solid colors in a garment or outfit. Such an outfit revolves around a palette of two or additional colors, typically in bright and...
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Best Online Fashion Retailers

Before the emergence of online shopping, customers spent considerable time in shopping malls fitting clothes and purchasing items. In the past, customers valued the fashion experience as much as their purchases.   Furthermore, they drew inspiration from the immersive retail environs. Consequently, brands implemented various measures to secure a fashion purchase. This is...
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Fashion versus style

Post by Jackie Norgord

We often use the words fashion and style interchangeably, but these two words really have very different meanings.

Let’s take a look at fashion.

Fashion stems from the energy and creativity of designers who are part of an enormous industry that drives design forward in order to sell couture to an adoring public. Fashion designers...

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The ’90s are back in time for the school year

You might call it the Fonzie Effect. One of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the '70s was a nostalgia craze for the '50s (as evidenced by the character of Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli on the sitcom "Happy Days"). Cultural nostalgia always seems to look 20 years in the past, so it's little wonder that Scripps Media reports...
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Understanding cybergoth

By MARIAH FREIRE It’s one thing to admit you were into that "scene" in middle school, maybe even high school. Of course, you probably listened to Fall Out Boy, Paramore, maybe some Linkin Park? Your hair straightener was your favorite possession, and perhaps you found inspiration from some dark-eyed raccoons. But when I asked a friend what his...
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